SIMETRI offers end-to-end training solutions focusing on complementary areas of expertise:

We deliver integrated medical training solutions that utilize advanced network-centric architecture and revolutionary prosthetic technology for emergency preparedness. Examples of our past experience with the U.S. Army include:

SIMETRI was selected as one of Military Training Technology's 2012 Top Simulation and Training Companies. We are a woman-owned, minority-owned simulation and training business based in Winter Park, Florida with a solid record of delivering innovative products to meet medical training needs.

What we do

SIMETRI is a leading technology firm focused on offering innovative medical training technologies based on merging the latest simulation technology with special effects engineering and complimenting these with strong project management, product development, and life cycle design processes. With a diverse group of skillsets and experience, SIMETRI delivers.

How we do it

SIMETRI is a woman-owned, minority-owned small business that is process driven, customer focused, and committed to results. We are proud of our engineering and artistic roots and apply this domain experience to all aspects of medical Modeling, Simulation, and Training.