Angela M. Alban Naranjo

Angela M. Alban, President and CEO of SIMETRI, started SIMETRI in 2009. Ms. Alban has extensive experience in a wide range of disciplines (engineering, design and production, business development, sales, marketing and management), enabling her to target the essence of a problem, and allowing her to offer clients and colleagues creative, innovative and practical solutions.


Angela began her career as an engineer after she graduated from Emory University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. She completed her Master of Science degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Central Florida while working professionally in the Modeling and Simulation industry. Angela also completed the Defense Systems Management College Advanced Program Manager's Course in 2000 to bolster her 19 years of experience in the Simulation and Training Industry.


Angela's career is founded on solid engineering experience and includes research and development, system design and development, production, and fielding. In 2004, she was appointed as the Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Indra Systems, Inc., where she learned to run a foreign owned subsidiary. After growing Indra's presence in the United States, she decided to pursue a similar growth and development opportunity while overseeing the operations of a small entrepreneurial firm. As the President and CEO of SIMETRI, Angela pursues her aspirations of growing a small technology firm from the ground up. SIMETRI is a woman-owned, minority-owned small business that is process driven, customer focused, and committed to results.


In addition to collaborating with her colleagues, she also works on a regular basis with consultants, government contractors, local, state and federal government officials, foreign dignitaries, and international diplomats. Angela also gives of her time with many local commitments. She is the Chair of the National Center for Simulation Board of Directors, the Charter School Board Chair for United Cerebral Palsy of Central Florida, and a member of the Orlando INC Board of Directors. Concurrent with her professional endeavors, Angela devotes much of her time to her children, Isabella and Marco, her parents, and cycling.


Cheryl Coiro

Cheryl Coiro, Program Planner for SIMETRI, based in Winter Park, Florida, began her career in program management in 2008. After establishing her roots in Central Florida and attending Rollins College for a Liberal Arts degree, Ms. Coiro pursued her Law graduate studies in Vermont and later returned to sunny, Central Florida. Working for Indra Systems and the Virtual Reality Medical Center, Cheryl developed and strengthened her project management and human resources skills.


Serving as the Project Manager for several medical simulation research and development projects for the Virtual Reality Medical Center, a San Diego, California based firm, Ms. Coiro quickly developed a passion for researching and developing new simulation technologies for medical training as she managed several contracts sponsored by the U.S. Army. Many of the products developed were transitioned to the Warfighter and being used at medical training sites throughout the world.


Ms. Coiro joined SIMETRI in 2012, to begin pursuing the merger of science, technology, and art. Ms. Coiro manages SIMETRI's research and development contracts in a dynamic work environment that allows her to have flexibility to foster collaborative teamwork with colleagues and concentrate on various innovative training, medical, and defense endeavors.


Barry S. Anderson

Published and renowned artist, Barry S. Anderson, has over 30 years experience in fine and commercial art with a concentration in the Art of Special Effects. Barry's fascination with monsters, fantasy, and the strange and unusual began during his childhood when he inherited his talent from his great-grandfather and mother. Barry thrives when he is able to express himself and his imagination through art.


After attending The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, and Berger Institute of Production Technology, Barry began his career working with a variety of mediums to include industrial mold making and bronze casting, commercial design, museum wax figures, sculpture, prop design, television, and movie special effects. With many years in the film industry, he has credits in many films such as: As Night Falls, Hairspray, Jeepers Creepers, and Day of the Dead. You can also see Barry.s work in television through PBS documentary series, "Secrets of the Dead", National Geographic's, "The Mummy Road Show", The Learning Channel's, "Super Sleuths" documentary, and longtime running show, "Miami Vice". During his career, he has also shared his vast experiences and knowledge with many apprentices, students, and colleagues during his tenure at Full Sail University, and International School of Visual and Entertainment Design.


His versatility and creative success in the arts and entertainment industry has propelled Barry to explore other business areas such as military medical training, material science research, forensics, and emergency preparedness. A personal interest in injury simulation and medicine led Barry to collaborate with leading engineers and clinician to develop medical training devices for the Department of Defense and private sector. His extensive portfolio and artistic talents are truly what you call, .outside the box. and his dedication and passion for art is immeasurable. After 17 years in the corporate world as the Art Director for Ripley Entertainment, Inc., the next stage for Barry is to create a long lasting legacy through the formation of his own venture, Transmutation Designs, where he will be continuing to evolve his art by merging it with the latest technology.


Jeff Spinelli

Mr. Spinelli has been a Fire Fighter and Paramedic with the Winter Park Fire-Rescue Department since 2002, where he is a dedicated public servant, devoted to his profession and the community. His experience and passion for his profession, coupled with his interest in research and development make Jeff a complimentary member of our team. Jeff offers the team leadership and subject matter expertise, as well as creativity and a passion for teaching others emergency medical skills, as he continues to do as an Instructor with the Central Florida Fire Academy since 2009.


At SIMETRI, we rely on Jeff to provide us with subject matter expertise in medical simulation and training product development. He is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in emergency medical procedures and very passionate about teaching others these skills. Jeff is always willing to volunteer above and beyond what is expected of him and an irreplaceable resource for our firm. On several occasions, Jeff has assumed a leadership position in helping us resolve technical challenges through his ingenuity and devotion.


Mr. Spinelli has been a Subject Matter Expert for Medical Modeling & Simulation companies since 2007, where he has conducted research, evaluated new technologies and provided first hand experience of emergency medical care.